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My name is Dezeray.
I am 21 years old and I am fascinated by the things and people around me. I'm currently going to college for a degree in Communications and I teach Zumba at a local gym! I believe that God is love and I am truly blessed. Feel free to browse(:

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    Little preview of what we’ll be doing tonight to kill those legs (; Join my in East Palmdale at InShape at 5:15 for an AWESOME and super fun workout. Thanks for the video btw @laurenleefitz, you and Kelsi rock! #zumba #dance #gymming #everydayislegday



    what are snails even trying to do

    their best

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    The greatest moment in the history of film

    you can almost hear it



    if you ever have children you could introduce them to people by saying hey wanna see what i made

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@nicola_denise: Chicks on IG be like.. got new socks 💁 Legs bright and early this AM, then lots of homework & studying! 📓📝 #HappyMonday ✌️

leg envy!!!


    @nicola_denise: Chicks on IG be like.. got new socks 💁 Legs bright and early this AM, then lots of homework & studying! 📓📝 #HappyMonday ✌️

    leg envy!!!





    Paris: “yah”

    Nicole Richie taught me how to be a friend

    Love her






    "It’s just a prank, calm down!"

    When did harassing women become a prank? You can clearly see that this girl is trying to laugh it off even though she’s uncomfortable with it, and that is not okay. If I’m a feminazi for pointing this out, then so be it, I’m not going to tolerate this shit.

    I would have grabbed that ponytail and ripped his hair right off his ugly head 

    And this is why I carry a heavy ass purse. You touch my ass without consent and I will beat your ass bloody. I suffered too much trauma from shit like this and worse to not defend and protect myself as all costs. Just seeing him do this gives me anxiety and makes my blood boil.

    this is fucking disgusting. look at him laughing… i would pepper spray this piece of shit

    Did he just grab her ass? Tf?


    some days i feel like a princess and other days i feel like ed in lion king


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    me when i go on vacation



    Emma Watson Delivers Game-Changing Speech on Feminism for the U.N.

    By: Joanna Robinson || Published: September 21, 2014

    Earlier this summer, fresh from college graduation, Emma Watson, was named a U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador. Though the ripples of her involvement over the past six months can be seen online (crashing the U.N. website, using Twitter to denounce a sexist politician in Turkey or respond to the gender politics of the recent celebrity nude photo hack), Watson’s power in person is an entirely different matter.

    The actress gave an impassioned speech on feminism and gender at the U.N. Headquarters in New York this weekend to launch the “HeForShe” campaign which aims to galvanize one billion men and boys as advocates for ending the inequalities that women and girls face globally.

    Watson’s speech, which was met with a thunderous standing ovation, not only called for action from male allies, but clarified a persistent misconception about feminism in general. She said:

    I decided that I was a feminist. This seemed uncomplicated to me. But my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word. Women are choosing not to identify as feminists. Apparently, [women’s expression is] seen as too strong, too aggressive, anti-men, unattractive.
    Why has the word become such an unpopular one? I think it is right I am paid the same as my male counterparts. I think it is right that I should make decisions about my own body. I think it is right that women be involved on my behalf in the policies and decisions that affect my life. I think it is right that socially, I am afforded the same respect as men.

    Watson is pushing back against recent campaigns like Women Against Feminism. As Watson puts it elsewhere in her speech, these campaigns portray the feminist cause as “man-hating.” By involving both genders in the “HeForShe” campaign, Watson hopes to abolish the “us vs. them” mentality.

    Watson is potentially in an even better position than many of her peers to do so. Her role as Hermione Granger, the universally-adored heroine of the Harry Potter series, gives her an automatic in with male and female Millenials. This is a rare case where an actor being conflated with their role might be a good thing. In this way, her wide-spread influence on young minds (still forming their opinions on gender roles and advocacy) is even stronger than other high-profile defenders of the f-word like Beyoncé.

    Watson’s Harry Potter association also carries with it a disadvantage –– the fear she might not be taken seriously. She addresses this concern in her speech:

    You might think: who is this Harry Potter girl? What is she doing at the UN? I’ve been asking myself at the same thing. All I know is that I care about this problem and I want to make this better. And having seen what I’ve seen and given the chance, I feel my responsibility to say something. Edmund Burke said all that is need for the forces of evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing

    That Harry Potter association will always follow Watson. Even U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon joked, “She’s been waving a magic wand. I hope you use your magic wand to end violence against women!” But with her serious approach to advocacy, it’s impossible to laugh off Watson’s message.

    Good souls do this with fame.


    "Whats ur zodiac sign?"


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